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INSPIRED                            BY GOOD TIMES

oh why?

how did we get here

We've been on the hunt for an abandoned space, like an old train station or hospital, to turn into our dream project. I, Irina, with a passion for architecture and creativity, and James, who loves exploring forgotten places, were searching for just the right spot. Our quest ended when we found a listing in an auction catalog that immediately felt like "the one." We took a leap, placed our bid, and by some incredible luck, we won it in September!

Nestled between Berlin, Dresden, and Leipzig, this place beckoned us for an adventure. We're now set to pour our hearts and creativity into this old treasure, transforming it into a lively, artistic retreat.

We dream of a place where the past and present blend to create something truly special. Think BBQs, slumber parties, retreats, and cacao ceremonies, all woven into the fabric of restoration and construction. 

We're excited to embark on this journey and would love for you to join us, to reminisce, make new memories, and bring this vision to life together. We can't wait to start this adventure with you!

Our dream is to restore this neglected gem, preserving its rich legacy while infusing it with new joyful life. We are committed to creating a sanctuary for artists and a cultural hub for the community, honouring the past while building a vibrant future.

Come and be part of this fun journey with us. Let’s make something awesome together!


Töpferei und Tonwarenfabrik Engelmann

Our building in Crinitz is not just a structure; it's a slice of history. Spanning 2,140 square meters, it houses a denkmalgeschützte (heritage-protected) factory ruin, complete with various annexes and outbuildings. Once a bustling center for pottery and ceramics, its wheels and kilns have been silent for years.

To delve deeper into its storied past, we look towards the Steinzeugtöpferei Schulze-Crinitz, with its rich legacy dating back to 1884 and a six-generation lineage of ceramic mastery. This studio could hold keys to understanding the broader narrative of Crinitz’s pottery heritage, including insights into our Engelmann factory's legacy.

Moreover, the presence of Otto Engelmann Töpferei in Gröbitz, Niederlausitz, signifies the enduring legacy of the Engelmann name in the region's pottery scene. This continuity hints at a deep-rooted tradition and a well-respected standing in the ceramics world.


We're on a mission to piece together this history and would be thrilled if anyone connected to Steinzeugtöpferei Schulze-Crinitz or Otto Engelmann Töpferei could share stories or information with us. Your insights would be invaluable in enriching our understanding and appreciation of this historical gem we're so eager to revive.

JOYLERY 24B1A8776.jpg

our vision

A New Way of Living and Creating

At JOYLERY, our vision is to breathe new life into an old, forgotten pottery factory in Brandenburg, transforming it into a beacon of creativity, community, and sustainable living. Envisioned as a sprawling canvas of over 2140 square meters, JOYLERY aims to blend the rustic charm of its historical walls with the vibrant pulse of contemporary art and innovation.


Our goal is to create a multifaceted space where local artists, curious visitors, and passionate volunteers can come together to ignite a renaissance of arts and crafts. We dream of JOYLERY as not just a place, but a movement – where hands-on workshops in pottery and various arts, eco-friendly living practices, and cultural events create a symphony of experiences. This project is more than a restoration; it's a commitment to nurturing talent, fostering environmental stewardship, and building a community that thrives on collaboration, creativity, and shared joy.


 Community of Creativity and Inclusion

Our dream is to mold Joylery into a dynamic  community that values every form of creativity, from traditional pottery to contemporary digital arts. It will be a place where artists, local residents, and visitors from afar can come together to share, learn, and grow.

A Sanctuary for Artistic Exploration 

We aim to create a space where everyone – regardless of their background or skill level – feels welcomed and inspired. Through workshops, exhibitions, and collaborative projects, we will encourage artistic exploration, allowing individuals to connect not just with art, but with each other.

cool kneipe and local flammkuchen

We envision a cozy local bar serving simple yet quality drinks, alongside delicious Flammkuchen made with local ingredients.

We also aspire to have a versatile event space, marrying the site’s industrial charm with modern functionality for a range of gatherings.

why help

In tOuch-1773.jpg

Community and Creative Space

Volunteering with us means joining a community focused on creating a co-living space for artists and creative minds. It’s an investment in your future, offering a chance to be at the inception of a dynamic, collaborative environment where art and community thrive together.


Nature Connection

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while contributing to a project with ecological mindfulness. Our location offers a serene backdrop, perfect for those looking to reconnect with the natural world and participate in sustainable living practices.

click here to learn more about the volunteering opportunities


Unique Experience

Be part of transforming a historical site into a cultural landmark. This opportunity is a gateway to gaining new skills, experiencing the restoration process firsthand, and being involved in a project that blends history, creativity, and community life.

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